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Steve’s been visibly distressed and has had clear PTSD from the flashbacks while he’s beating the shit out of that punching bag and the way he has to tell Tony, “Stark, that’s a one way trip,” which is something he knows first hand because that’s basically what Peggy told him before he took down the plane and he still sees people using Hydra weapons and he’s feeling like everything he fought for was pointless because history’s just gonna replay itself out and things never change.

But then Tony did something incredibly brave and incredibly stupid and he did cut that wire but he was gonna take himself out with it but he didn’t and I think Steve’s finally starting to accept that this whole trapped in the future thing can work, that things will be okay, and that no, Bucky isn’t worth 10 of Tony, Tony’s his own person, and he’s an incredible one at that, and he’s glad Tony’s not Bucky, because Tony came back. - (x)